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Plumber Houston, TX

Plumbing Repair, Septic Systems, Septic Tank Pumping and other Plumbing Services in Houston

detsadkemerovo.ru is a Houston plumbing company that has been proudly serving the First Coast (Houston, Houston Beach, Fernandina, Ponte Vedra, St. Johns, Orange Park and St. Augustine) for over 34 years! We are the plumber Houston, TX residents continue to rely on. We provide plumbing repair & septic tank services for commercial, residential and industrial entities. Our plumbing services include: back flow, drain field and grease trap installation and repair; all lift station operations including installation & repair; pipeline video inspection, pipe jetting; septic tank installation, inspection, cleaning & pumping; sludge removal and many other plumbing works. Learn more about our residential, commercial, industrial and emergency plumbing services!